The New Face

A new clubhouse will unfold soon. The schedule for the new clubhouse is moving along according to schedule. It is only a matter of time for you to see the new face of Century Club Amsterdam.

Roofing, sidings, moldings, and trim work are on the way. We have the most amazing crews who are currently working to finish the repairs and renovations. On the other hand, we have to demolish an old building to have more space for the recreational area.

New Clubhouse Features & Enhancements

  • When you arrive for your day, you will receive a warm welcome by our fully renovated courtyard. The expansive Clubhouse entrance will give you a comfortable feeling that you are not any other place but in Century Club Amsterdam. It’s beautiful and absolutely very welcoming.
  • A new outdoor recreational area will meet you. Feel free to meet other women playing tennis or having a picnic. Some are even sharing stories and reading books together under the shade of century-old trees. 
  • The completely renovated dining spaces will have areas for families, singles, adults, and the elderly. If you feel lonely, this can be the best place in the clubhouse for you.
  • Looking to practice or improve your game indoors? We have a new place to play your board games. This will give you the opportunity to socialize with other women in the clubhouse and work on your game.
  • A spacious, new atrium lobby with a gorgeous new staircase that connects all member service areas in the clubhouse. 
  • A new and exciting improvement is waiting for you. With the enhancement of our Clubhouse and incredible additional amenities, next year is sure to be one not to miss. Feel free to reach out to us if you need a home in Amsterdam. 
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