Art on the Move!

For artists and art lovers, we provide activities to ensure you will have fun. Besides our monthly trip to museums, we have volunteers from all around the world who engage in arts activities. We believe that arts are a great therapy. We ensure every month is fun. Whether possible and helpful, our various arts activities will keep you occupied during your stay. Artists can also volunteer to share their talents and train other women in the month. Join our monthly meetings to share your story, skills, experience, and schedule an engagement with other members in the club. 

Book Clubs

Are you a wide reader? Do you love books? Book lovers and avid readers abound in Amsterdam are welcome.  We have a group of women who can discuss books, share stories, and even exchange books. We can schedule for read-and-talk engagement about books. We meet on a regular basis at a set location. 


Excursions get us moving! We can also tour you around Amsterdam. Our tour committee can help you plan a tour and see the beauty of our place. Even if we know the spot, the trip is much more fun when done in group. Together we can enjoy leisure activities and have fun to make your stay more mesmerizing and comfortable. Planning a tip and touring with friends can have a fantastic effect on the body. It boosts happiness and feels rewarding. Not only does travel reduce stress but it also helps expands your mid. Join our club today and let’s travel together. 

Family Events

We don’t only accept single women. Families are welcome to join us.  Century Club Amsterdam has its own form of Moms and Tots gathering for parents to discuss pressing issues about kids. We also meet weekly for play, snacks, and good conversation. If you feel alone and struggling, you can join us. With us, you can find new friends, hear fun stories about life from others, or just share anything under the sun.  Moms graciously take turns hosting, so the location can change from time to time.

There’s More to Century Club Amsterdam!

Yes, there’s more to Century Club Amsterdam. Other ongoing vents and groups within the club include. 

  • Running Clubs
  • Dining
  • Movie nights
  • Wine Tastings
  • Coffee mornings
  • Knitting Groups
  • Activities with teens
  • Walking Groups

Don’t see what you were looking for? You can still join us. Everyone is free to share their ideas, create new groups, and expand their networks. 

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