Welcome to the Century Club of Amsterdam!

Originally established in 18965, the Century Club of Amsterdam is an organization of women promoting intellectual equality for all genders. In the past, women were not given ample rights to represent themselves, hold offices in public, and be recognized as equal beings with men. 

With Century Club Amsterdam, women looking for culture, self-improvement, and knowledge can have one place to go. Beginning only as a small group of women, we have grown exponentially and have become a part of the General Federation of Women’s Club, an impressive worldwide organisation. 

We Empower! 

We believe that every woman from all walks of life, race, and culture deserves to reach their full potential. Our goal is to help women from all around the world discover their inner power and be the person they have always dreamed to be. We offer scholarships, support communities, and groups, and worldwide reach to other women in the world. 

We are the second home for women who want to discover themselves and achieve themselves. The Century Club of Amsterdam is your home. With us, you belong. 

Friendship, Family, Community!

Be a part of our growing community of women. You can be the catalyst of change by influencing other women to discover and empower themselves through various ways – arts, music, and many more. If you are passionate about what you are doing, let us know!

We are always looking for volunteers to help make every woman’s vision a reality. Be one of the empowered women of today.  

Social Development

We help women reach their full potential and developmentally, morally, ad socially. We encourage and train women to be more active in civic development and participate in community projects that promote camaraderie and positive social relationships in the community. We accept all women from all walks of life, races, and culture. Together, we can make the world a better place to live.

Century Club Amsterdam

Helping women in Amsterdam

Volunteering can help you grow as an individual. It helps you learn new skills, advance your career, and make friends from all over the world. 

Connecting with others          

By volunteering, you can connect with people in the community, discover other people, and how they have lived their lives, survive their struggles, and triumph over many challenges. It helps you grow and relate to the many experiences other people can share. Volunteering can make a difference to other people who need us. By dedicating your time as a volunteer, you can help other women. 


Empowering others

Become the catalyst of change. Many women in the world still do not have a voice to be heard. We have read many horror stories about women undergoing battles on their own with no one to depend on. With Century Club Amsterdam, we give these women hope. A hope to dream again and live the life they deserve.


Creating a Purpose

If you feel that you’ve lost the meaning of your life, you can find redirection with Century Club Amsterdam. We will help you find new meaning and purpose in your life. We will help improve yourself and provide a purpose to add more zest to your life. You could find the key to your purpose with us. 

Join Us Today. Become a Volunteer.

Be an empowered woman today. Let us reach out a helping hand together to other women in need. Things are easier done when we are together.

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